Stratus Intelligence

Stratus Intelligence is an Efficient Way to Operate a Bankruptcy Law Firm

As part of his commitment to his clients and to bankruptcy law, Robert Semrad created Stratus Intelligence, a comprehensive bankruptcy practice management solution. He noticed a major obstacle in the industry-standard bankruptcy software. In an era when businesses were developing productivity software and applications, bankruptcy attorneys were still working with outdated, inefficient and unreliable platforms. Robert took matters into his own hands. Stratus Intelligence helps practices stay efficient and accountable by providing a single solution with multiple benefits. Instead of spending time on filing case, tracking case notes, tasks, activities, events and other information, Stratus Intelligence is an innovative solution to a variety of paralegal, human resources and administrative needs. Some features of the software also include:

  • Importing data from credit reports, tax forms, and pay checks,
  • Syncing court notifications and information with the case management system and calendar,
  • Downloading court file history to quickly see cases and their current statuses,
  • Integrating market information about other law practices and the industry, and
  • Measuring and tracking financial activity for accounting requirements.

Mr. Semrad has changed Bankruptcy Law

Because Stratus Intelligence worked so well with DebtStoppers, Robert made it available to all bankruptcy firms. Using the software allows attorneys to become better at what they do, and it allows for a less costly process for the client. With the Stratus Intelligence software, Robert Semrad created a way for DebtStoppers and other firms to put more focus on helping their clients and less on running the day-to-day operations of a law practice.