The Robert J. Semrad Foundation is committed to Struggling Chicago Communities

Chicago bankruptcy attorney Robert J. Semrad carries his passion from the courtroom to the streets. He founded the Robert J. Semrad Foundation in hopes that it would further enhance and change the personal lives of those he helps in his professional life. Launched in 2016, the foundation is growing at the right time, as families are still struggling in the aftermath of the mortgage crisis caused by fraudulent lending practices. While he is still motivated by standing up for the individual against the abusive practices of the mortgage industry, he is able to further help victims recover their losses and start again through the foundation. The Robert J. Semrad Foundation continues his pursuit in helping thousands of families restructure and eliminate debt, utilize the programs available to them, and start fresh.

The purpose of the foundation is to not only educate and help others, but also to create a community in which members can make charitable donations in the effort to help someone in need. It is both a donation portal and support system for disadvantaged Chicagoland communities, and it gives members the benefit of seeing how their time and money impacts the lives of others.

Chicago Lawyer Robert J. Semrad Believes “People Will Help People”

Founder Robert Semrad believes that “people will help people,” whether it’s a food drive during the Holiday season or reaching out within a professional network to help find a job for someone. With the help of his family, Robert has selected local programs that would be sponsored by the foundation. Bringing attention to the programs that help underprivileged communities, while providing financial and voluntary support, is the ultimate goal of the foundation. These partner programs include:

  • Project HOOD
  • Somebody’s Mama
  • The Joe Soto Baseball Experience
  • The Robbie Collomore Concert Series

All of these programs are pivotal in helping struggling Chicago communities in many ways, and the foundation itself is committed to constantly growing in money, programs and volunteers. The foundation is Robert’s way of giving back to his community. To learn more about the Robert J. Semrad Foundation, visit the website at