Chicago Attorney Robert Semrad Began DebtStoppers to Educate Others

Out of the need to educate others about the bankruptcy process, Robert Semrad started DebtStoppers in 2003. The law firm provides creative solutions for its client’s bankruptcy needs. With nine locations throughout Illinois and parts of Atlanta, DebtStoppers is lead by Robert Semrad and nearly a hundred other knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys. With decades of experience, his team has been helping others get out of debt and back in control of their lives.

At the start of his career, he represented banks and creditors, which allowed him to learn about these institutions. He realized people, especially Hispanics and African Americans, paid a lot of money for poor quality service. He saw people label attorneys as “lazy” and say that they were “all the same,” He saw people pay fees as high as corporate lawyer fees. He noticed little compassion within the industry. After witnessing this, he knew he had to make a change. With debt relief on his mind, Robert founded his firm with two principles: 1) to offer a qualified understanding of the law; and 2) to offer compassion. From then on, he hired top class attorneys who would stay in the firm for years, helping him grow DebtStoppers to where it is today.

Most of Robert’s clients come from underprivileged communities that are often forgotten and financially burdened. These clients feel they lose respect and trust because of their financial situation. Part of what the attorneys at DebStoppers do is approach each client with compassion, showing them the trust and respect they deserve. The DebtStoppers attorneys work hard to get people out of debt, earn back their self-esteem, and teach them that financial issues can happen to anyone.

Robert Semrad Created His Own Software Called Stratus Intelligence to Make the Bankruptcy Process Even Easier for Clients

To take it a step further, Robert Semrad created his own software for DebtStoppers, called Stratus Intelligence in 2013. He believes in working with the latest technology, as the software keeps staff even more efficient and accountable. With 155 employees, 90 of them attorneys, efficiency is key. With over 60 thousand clients, Robert Semrad, and his firm DebtStoppers, is on a mission to enhance the law community along with the financial well-being of local residents.