Why Robert J. Semrad Recruits Attorneys with Human Kindness and Emotional Intelligence

Human kindness and emotional intelligence are behaviors that are paramount in the day-to-day operations of DebtStoppers. From the day they are first interviewed at DebtStoppers to the day they work with their first client, the attorneys recruited by Robert J. Semrad must demonstrate their ability to emotionally connect with others. Bankruptcy can be a seemingly intimidating, embarrassing and difficult process for many people, and the difference at DebtStoppers is that the attorneys actually understand that and empathize with it.

As part of his commitment to creating a culture of emotional intelligence and kindness, Robert Semrad has developed habits with his clients that have been utilized throughout the DebtStoppers offices. One of the first steps that Robert Semrad encourages his clients to take is to breathe. As simple and as basic as it sounds, to Mr. Semrad, this step is a crucial piece to beginning bankruptcy process. For the client, it may seem unconventional and even unnecessary, but with everyone who has worked with Robert Semrad, one of the many traits that they remember is his kindness and consideration for their emotions.

Emotional Intelligence Word Cloud Robert Semrad Debtstoppers

Determining emotional intelligence is indeed a large part of the recruiting process for Mr. Semrad. A contributor for Inc. describes emotional intelligence as “the “something” in each of us that is a bit intangible. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.” While the science about emotional intelligence delves into the areas of personal competence, such as self-awareness and self-management, and social competence, such as social awareness and relationship management, emotional intelligence and the ability to be kind really surpasses intellect and taps into a different behavior. It comes down to the ability to understand, express and control emotions in a positive, kind and empathetic way. For those managing debt and going through bankruptcy, this admirable trait within an attorney not only makes the process easier, it helps clients realize that they are being helped by someone who truly cares about their finances.

According to an article in U.S. News & World Report, the process of bankruptcy can be quite emotional. “While the financial consequences of bankruptcy are disconcerting, the mental burden can be overwhelming, with wide-reaching effects. “It’s important to acknowledge the act of filing bankruptcy can be psychologically difficult, cause stress on relationships, and even be traumatic for a family,” says Joseph Goetz, president of the Financial Therapy Association.” Because of this, Robert Semrad puts the emotions of the families he serves at the forefront and ensures that he and his attorneys manage their clients with full awareness of those emotions and the potential stress bankruptcy can cause.

Bankruptcy AttorneysAs a result, human kindness and emotional intelligence are two of the traits that he seeks and continues to strengthen in himself and in his staff, including the other attorneys at DebtStoppers. Without both traits, the bankruptcy process would be a stressful hardship for clients. For attorneys who care and clients who seek support, the culture that Robert J. Semrad has built at DebtStoppers is essential and one of a kind.