About Robert

Meet Chicago Attorney, Robert J. Semrad

Upon graduating from DePaul University College of Law in 1994, Robert was unsure about which area of law he wanted to practice. Fortunately, his first job within a personal bankruptcy practice helped him decide. Bankruptcy law gave him everything he wanted in a law career: to do the most good for the greatest number of people in his community.

This mission has never been more important to Robert than it is now. In the aftermath of the mortgage crisis caused by fraudulent lending practices, Robert gets the greatest satisfaction standing up for the individual against the abusive practices of the mortgage industry. Since 2003, Robert J. Semrad & Associates, LLC, also known as DebtStoppers, has helped thousands of families restructure and eliminate debt, save their homes, and start fresh through bankruptcy debt relief.

When he’s not in the Office, he’s with his Family

When he’s not in the courtroom or managing DebtStoppers, Robert is with his family. To Robert, the most important role in his life is being a father, and his goal is to teach his children the value and importance of helping other people. As a life-long Chicago resident and second-generation Chicago attorney, Robert Semrad has a deep commitment to the local community and to the financial education and protection of its residents. He cherishes the satisfaction of helping his community, and he hopes this philosophy is something he can pass to his family and others.

As part of his commitment to his community, Robert launched the Robert J. Semrad Foundation in 2016, which acts as both a donation portal and support system for disadvantaged Chicago communities. Included as part of its mission are several Chicago-based programs that provide relief and support for a variety of issues that afflict many people.

“My family and I started the Robert J Semrad Foundation as a way to give back to the DebtStoppers communities we serve, but also as a way to spotlight the causes we support and the wonderful people behind those causes. Their work brings real change every day. We hope learning more about them will inspire others to reach out and make a difference in their neighborhoods, too.”