A lifelong Chicago resident, Robert J. Semrad is an attorney and software executive. Rob divides his work life between DebtStoppers, the consumer bankruptcy law firm he founded in 2003, and Stratus Intelligence, a software development company he created to serve the legal industry.

Rob is now focusing the energy and drive that enabled his business success on the Robert J. Semrad Foundation an online presence designed to spotlight the charitable causes he supports.

When Robert J. Semrad graduated from Chicago’s DePaul School of Law in 1994, he chose consumer bankruptcy as the area of practice with the best potential to help the greatest number of his Chicagoland neighbors.

Predatory lending, a particular scourge in Chicago’s south and west sides had become epidemic. Rob made it his mission to offer the victims of these lending industry abuses a way out — by providing them with both bankruptcy protection and educational tools to help avoid future debt trouble.

After 9 years with another firm, Rob Semrad took the next step in 2003, founding his own bankruptcy firm, Robert J. Semrad & Associates –DebtStoppers.

The DebtStoppers Bankruptcy Law Offices of the Semrad Law Firm now serve consumers throughout Illinois as well as Georgia, and Robert J. Semrad was on his way to realizing his early vision. DebtStoppers has helped thousands of families save homes from foreclosure, eliminate medical, IRS and installment debt and achieve a financial fresh start.

Robert Semrad’s DebtStoppers quickly grew to be one of the nation’s leading bankruptcy law firms. But in his efforts to bring debt relief to as many families in need as possible, Rob found that his largest obstacle was the poor quality of the industry-standard bankruptcy software.

In an era where businesses worldwide were developing industry-specific productivity software, bankruptcy attorneys were still getting by with an outmoded cobbled-together collection of tools never designed to work together.

For a firm like Semrad Law’s DebtStoppers, and Robert Semrad’s vision of helping every client that needed debt relief, the software status quo was unacceptable. To address the issue, Rob formed his own software development firm, Stratus Intelligence, and wrote the industry’s first end-to-end bankruptcy case management platform — StratusBK.

StratusBK has worked so well at DebtStoppers, that Rob chose to make it available to all bankruptcy firms, so that families nationwide could get the bankruptcy protection they need — whether or not they were Semrad Law clients.

Rob and his family created the Robert J. Semrad Foundation as the entity through which the Semrad Family could give back to the communitiesDebtStoppers and Stratus Intelligence serves.

Our foundation site highlights Some of the great people and organizations we support and provides ways for our friends to point out new causes for our consideration.

The foundation gives the Robert J. Semrad family a way express its sincere gratitude for the support for our work shown by our Chicago and Atlanta communities.